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Yet another blog engine - Quora

Krishna BharadwajKrishna Bharadwaj, Co-founder @SMERGER, Google NYC Summer 14
Okay, Quora just launched a blog service. Today we have some really good services in this space - Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous and many more. But I personally feel that Quora can offer something drastically different from others. I have started following people whom I might not have discovered if not for Quora. They are offering us an audience even before we start blogging. This is very good!

More importantly, Quora is trying to build a knowledge base. Many of us are interested in topics which may have a very small number of followers on Quora, resulting in very few questions on that topic. By offering a blog, it is encouraging people to talk about anything under the sun. There by extracting the maximum information from each one of us. Posts did try to achieve something similar, but I noticed that it is being used as a way to bookmark good questions and answers. I hope Quora blog brings a lot of good quality content.

PS: The interface for blogging is minimal and its very clean. It ensured that I write my first blog in no time :-)



Krishna Bharadwaj
Krishna Bharadwaj
Co-founder @SMERGER, Google NYC Summer 14